Who is it for?

Impellus’ finance training for non-financial managers is perfect for professionals who would like to improve their knowledge of the rudiments and principles of financial management in order to understand how their role relates to the financial health of an organisation and to improve their financial decision-making abilities.

What does it cover?

The training course covers financial and accounting concepts; it demystifies jargon, introduces the balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow reports, and focuses on how to read and understand them whilst discovering the relationships between the different reports and the effects that day-to-day business decisions can have on each of them. Delegates will learn how financial decision-making impacts other areas of the business and will be more confident communicating financial performance.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Understand how different figures relate to the well-being of an organisation
  • Appreciate how an individual’s actions and decisions can impact the financial health and shape of the organisation
  • Gain a better understanding of financial terminology and common accounting jargon
  • Interpret and understand key financial reports
  • Confidently communicate financial performance
  • Interpret financial drivers and plan budget and expenditure more effectively
  • Explore the relationships between different numbers and financial statements and the impact they can have on each other
  • Recognise and assess the different stages of a business lifecycle and how each stage influences the financial position of the organisation

Finance training for non-financial Managers/Professionals overview

  • Understanding what it takes to run a healthy profitable business
  • Appreciating the cross-organisational impact of financial decision making on other parts of the business
  • Realising the importance of timing in financial decision making
  • Explaining finance terminology and jargon
  • Recognising the difference between finance and accounting functions in an organisation
  • Identifying business lifecycles and where your organisation sits
  • Knowing how to compile a balance sheet and P&L statement
  • Exploring the relevance of ratios and relationships between different numbers

Joining this management course

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