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Impellus Terms and Conditions

At Impellus we like to treat all our clients and delegates as fairly and respectfully as possible. We operate the following simple terms and conditions to allow us to do that and to provide a great level of service to you. These terms and conditions are applicable to all bookings and purchases of training products whether on open training courses or in-house (private) work of any kind.


All course bookings are invoiced and are due for payment immediately unless training credits have been previously purchased and added to your account (see below). Invoices and separate confirmation of your bookings are sent by email. If these aren’t received within four working hours of booking please call 01727 790790 for copies to be sent.


Payments can be made by bank transfer or approved credit and debit cards. Should payment not be received for course places booked or credits purchased, Impellus may, unilaterally but with notice, cancel bookings. Please note that bookings made and not attended are still due in full and the booking cannot be transferred to another date. However, changes may be made to paid bookings on the terms provided below.

Important notice for in-house bookings of any kind: should in-house training days not be paid within five working days of the first day of delivery, Impellus may refuse to provide the works ordered and payment will remain due in full.

Training credits on account and dormant account charges

All credits added to account can only be drawn down after payment has been received. All other terms and conditions of booking remain. Credits on account cannot be returned in cash. One credit is one day of open course training per delegate or can contribute to an ILM pack (see below). A full account statement is available online at the Impellus Business Centre (see login at top of page).

Credits remain on account until used unless an account becomes dormant. A dormant account is one which has not had at least one credit booked or taken, or used towards an ILM Pack, within a twelve-month period. Accounts will automatically be charged one credit if not used for twelve months and the charge will be clearly shown as a dormant account charge.

Should an account be dormant for a total of three years, then after the third year of no activity the account will be wiped in full.


We retain copyright over all of our work and materials howsoever provided or distributed. Unauthorised distribution or reproduction is forbidden and will be treated as plagiarism. Other than with static photographs, it is forbidden for delegates to record any part of any training programme either by audio or video means. Should you require use of our materials please ask about licensing.


We reserve the right to use your organisation’s name and logo and any remarks made through the course of feedback from training in future marketing collateral, on our website or in media. Pictures and comments from courses may also be used in a similar fashion at any time, however, the identity of individual delegates and organisations will not be visible in these cases without Impellus obtaining specific consent.

Specific Trainers and/or Venues

Although specific trainers are allocated to each training programme, we reserve the right to change this at any point in time if circumstances outside of our control dictate the need to do so. In the unlikely event that a venue that has been organised by us needs to be changed for any reason, you and/or your delegates will either be informed during the normal process of sending out joining instructions, or if a change occurs after joining instructions have already been sent, by form of any communication requiring a confirmed response from you or your delegates.

ILM pack

An ILM package covers one delegate's registration for their Level 3 or Level 5 Award. The package includes:

  • A 24-month timeframe to complete the Award. Please note: a delegate’s registration begins on the day they take their first course as part of their programme of study.
  • Access to the Impellus Business Centre including course-related materials.
  • Ongoing advice and support from the Impellus Assessment Team via email, video call and phone.
  • Initial feedback on assignments by our ILM-accredited assessors before submission. The turnaround time for providing feedback is normally ten working days.
  • Professional marking of assignments following submission by our ILM-accredited Assessment Team. Assignments are normally marked within 15 working days of submission.
  • Further feedback and support following a referral to help ensure delegates pass on their second submission. Please note: delegates are allowed two attempts to pass. Both attempts must be made within the 24-month timeframe.


Delegates who receive a referral after their first submission are entitled to unlimited feedback before their second and final submission.

Feedback can be requested as part of the ILM package. This service can be accessed after attendance of the first course of a delegate’s programme. The latest date feedback requests can be made depends on the program type: 60 days before the expiry date for Course-Based programmes and 30 days before expiry date of Fast Track programmes. Any request for feedback outside these timelines will not be granted.

One round of feedback is allowed for Level 3, while Level 5 permits two rounds. After these rounds, all assignments must be submitted for marking. Delegates who refer in their initial submission are eligible for unlimited feedback from the Assessment Team prior to their second submission. Please note: Both first and second submissions must be made within the 24-month timeframe.

Changes or cancellations of booking by client

Should you wish to move a booking or make a cancellation, then the following terms will apply. Terms apply to all courses and events booked, whether delivery is to take place physically or via the internet.

Changes to bookings on open courses

Changes to one to three delegates on any one open course:

Outside 15 working days (a working day being a Monday to Friday excluding public holidays and the Christmas period during which Impellus is advertised as closed for business in any given year) there is no charge for changing a booking date. Cancellations can be provided in full.

Between 15 and 10 working days, a charge of £85+VAT per delegate for each day the course runs will be levied and must be paid before the cancellation or the new date can be accepted.

Within 10 working days of the course (and including delegates who do not attend the course without notice) a charge of £324.50+VAT per delegate will be applied. The course place(s) must be paid for in full under any circumstances.

Chartered courses:

Where Impellus has chartered a course for you – put on an open course event to suit your schedule – and agreed a minimum number of delegates, nothing herein will change the minimum charge of that number of credits to your account for that date.

Weather and travel:

Where there are bad weather or travelling conditions at the time of the course, no claim can be made for inability to attend should the course otherwise run as intended.

Changes to in-house days booked for any purpose

Outside 30 working days (a working day being a Monday to Friday excluding public holidays and the Christmas period during which Impellus is advertised as closed for business in any given year) of delivery there a charge of £150 +VAT for cancelling or changing a booking date (subject to date availability at point of rebooking).

Between 30 and 15 working days, a charge of 50% for each day will be levied and must be paid before the cancellation or the new date can be accepted.

Within 15 working days of the programme we regret that no rebate can be made. All charges remain due in full.

Force Majeure – all bookings

Where cancellation of any event is enforced upon us by force majeure, the fault of a supplier, or any other reason outside of our control, we will use our best endeavours to let everybody concerned know as soon as is practicably possible. You will be offered the chance to rebook the course, or have the credit added back to your account, without penalty.

Access to online training, resources and events

Impellus may provide access to internet based services through a number of different providers from time to time and deliver services in a number of ways. While we will use best endeavours to ensure the reliability of these services, we are not in any way liable for your inability to connect to these services and there is no recourse offered in these terms in such an instance. We recommend that if there is any doubt, you check the technical specifications and your ability to engage, considering hardware, software, connectivity and any other factor before purchase. We will be delighted to assist you and make any individual provision, if needed and possible, at that stage.

Where physical resources such as book packs are sent out for courses or events please note that charges will be levied if subsequent book packs need to be sent for any reason. Such charges will start at £20 +VAT and may rise depending on circumstance. Charges must be paid by an accepted credit or debit card before dispatch.

Impellus course guarantee

Impellus guarantees that its open courses run. Here are the terms of that guarantee:

Where cancellation is enforced upon us by force majeure, the fault of a supplier, or any other reason outside of our control, we will use our best endeavours to let everybody concerned know as soon as is practicably possible. Delegates will be offered the chance to rebook or cancel their place without penalty.

Should a cancellation need to be made by us at any stage we will offer each delegate a transfer onto another programme free of charge or a full refund (based on how it was originally paid for).

Delegate code of conduct

Delegates attending Impellus training courses are expected to behave in an appropriate, respectful and professional manner at all times.

This includes:

  • Joining the course on time.
  • Being present from start to finish (otherwise you may be recorded as not attending).
  • Keeping your camera on throughout the course.
  • Taking an active part in the course.

The trainer can exclude from the course any delegates who behave in an inappropriate way to other delegates or are unreasonably disruptive during the training. The trainer can do this with immediate effect and without warning where necessary. The course Booker would be informed as soon as possible. No refunds are given in such circumstances.

Read Impellus Privacy Notice.