1. The organisation

The British Safety Council is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to making sure that no one is injured or made ill through their work. 

When the British Safety Council was created in 1957, thousands of workers were being killed every year, while many more suffered serious injury and disease. The organisation worked tirelessly to improve working conditions and kick-started wide-ranging campaigns that saved lives, such as the need for seat belt laws and comprehensive protection for all workers.  

2. The challenge

The British Safety Council wanted to upskill and develop its senior managers, line managers and sales staff. 

“As a training company ourselves, we have a very high standard when choosing external trainers for our teams, including the materials provided and the level of engagement achieved,” says the British Safety Council’s Head of Human Resources, Menaka Gamage. “I was assured by Impellus that our high expectations would be met, and this proved to be the case.” 

3. The training

“Most of our managers are already quite experienced but even they were impressed and pleased with the training, which included a range of ILM Award programmes at both Level 3 and Level 5. They were shown new ways to bring their learning into their daily activities,” says Menaka. 

“The new managers especially enjoyed the training, telling us how great it was. They loved the trainers and how engaging the sessions were.” 

Individual courses taken as part of the ILM Award programmes included Driving Organisational Focus and Efficiency (Level 5) and a wide range of leadership and management training at Level 3. Delegates also studied for the Impellus Certificate of Learning in the professional sales environment. 

4. What they said

“I definitely recommend the Impellus training to any organisation seeking to upskill their staff,” says Menaka. “Not only will you get great quality training but also a most impressive customer service. Whenever we had a query with Impellus, someone was immediately available to reply without delay. That is something even we as a company are trying to improve on, so we found it very impressive.” 

5. The results

“The Impellus training has led directly to the growth and development of our managers. The invaluable skills learnt have propelled them further in their careers and the communication module specifically helped managers improve connection and coaching within their individual teams,” says Menaka.  

“Our sales team also developed substantially. They’ve matured in knowing the right questions to ask when dealing with clients and how to successfully pitch to them.”