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Implementing your Impellus training

Effective leadership and management training drives organisational performance, creates innovation and growth, reduces staff turnover and helps to attract and retain the best talent in your sector. 

Impellus training courses are carefully and purposefully designed to be a catalyst for immediate and longer-term change and improvement in the workplace. There are a number of ways in which you can ensure that newly-learned skills and techniques deliver returns. 

Support for HR and training executives

Maximising the impact of your Impellus training

Download our free guide for expert advice on how to maximise the impact of your Impellus training and create a culture of continuous improvement.

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Support for groups

Bite-sized implementation sessions

Short sessions for delegates to revisit a key concept, idea or technique from a recent course and further enhance their workplace performance. 

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Group facilitated implementation sessions

In-house sessions for teams who have recently completed the same training to consolidate their learning and commit to an organisation-specific action plan.

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ILM workshops

Bring your ILM Award candidates together to accelerate learning, share ideas and experiences, and encourage a consistently professional approach across the workplace.

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Support for individuals

Accelerated personal development programmes

High-impact one-to-one sessions for recent delegates to clarify learning outcomes, explore challenges, roadblocks and opportunities, and commit to an action plan. 

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Further development

Packages of open-course training

Delivered live online by our own expert trainers as standalone courses or programmes of study leading to an ILM Award or Certificate of Learning.

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In-house training

Select from our wide range of leadership, management and professional sales courses for delivery at a venue of your choice. Leadership and management Professional sales environment