We caught up with our Leadership and Management Trainer, Marc Sewell, to find out what a typical day is like for him, what he finds most challenging and rewarding, and the single piece of advice he would give to someone training with Impellus.

What’s your main role at Impellus?

I am a Leadership and Management Trainer. I deliver the L3 and L5 courses run by Impellus.  

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

When a delegate has that lightbulb moment. As facilitators we love to hear when a solution or action has led to success. It could be adopting a new way of communicating with another person or a different approach to leading your team towards the accomplishment of a goal.  

What’s most challenging? 

Working with delegates to successfully understand how a model or theory could relate to their specific industry is both challenging and rewarding. Not only does this promote critical thinking for the delegate but also helps us as trainers understand how we can better translate our content to be most effective for the various organisations we work with.  

Briefly describe a typical day or week. 

Most of our time as trainers is spent delivering courses. This is done remotely or face-to-face with up to 20 delegates. On non-training days we review course content, research new models and theories and keep up to date with current affairs that may affect some of the industries our delegates work in.  

What single piece of advice would you give someone to ensure they get the most out of their training with Impellus? 

The best advice I can give a delegate is to make sure they remove themselves from their business for the day. Shut down Teams, close Outlook and focus on what you can do to grow as both a leader and manager.