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Leadership and Management

Impellus runs management and leadership training courses which can be taken individually or together to form ILM qualifications or formal certification in management and leadership.

Impellus has the capability to deliver individual courses for individual managers or blended learning programmes at an organisational level which complement your proprietary training.

Management and Leadership courses and qualifications can be delivered by any combination of:

Level 3

ILM Level 3 courses and qualifications are the perfect solution for delivering management and leadership skills to line managers.

Developed specifically to help managers develop the leadership and management competencies that deliver organisational results, these courses and qualifications are focused on allowing managers to generate the best results from the people and teams they work with.

Who are courses and qualifications for? Line Managers
Experienced Managers without formal training
Key individuals (commercial skills courses)
Leadership and management courses available
(one-day courses)
Leadership Skills Development
Coaching Skills for Managers
Delegation and Time Efficiency
Developing Winning Teams
Effective Communication Skills
Managing and Appraising Performance
Managing Change and Innovation
Commercial skills courses available
(one-day courses)
Finance for non-Financial Professionals
Introduction to Project Management
ILM Award Yes
Certificate of Learning Yes

Level 5

ILM Level 5 courses and qualifications are for senior managers and directors who need to think organisationally and engage their own managers and supervisors to deliver the results they’re after.

Level 5 courses focus on the strategic and operational aims of businesses, business units or organisational departments.

Who are courses and qualifications for? Budget-holding senior managers
Managers going into senior positions
Leadership and management courses available
(two-day courses)
Organisational Leadership Skills
Driving Organisational Focus and Efficiency
Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
ILM Award Yes
Certificate of Learning Yes