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ILM Courses in Leadership and Management

Impellus is an ILM-Approved Training Centre which runs leadership and management training courses across the UK.

Our courses and training deliver a flexible approach which can lead to ILM qualifications in Leadership and Management at either Award Level 3 (typically line management) or Award Level 5 (typically senior management).

Delivering core management skills directly back into your workplace

There is no better way to ensure that newly learned management and leadership skills are turned into actions and results than by putting Impellus courses together to form ILM qualifications in leadership and management.

Managers attend the courses of your choice and then answer questions on line about application in the workplace.

Your managers gain an internationally recognised qualification in leadership and management, you get a highly-aware and capable management team.

Our leadership and management courses can build into an ILM qualification

We are an ILM-Approved Training Centre that delivers leadership and management training courses that can lead to the qualifications of ILM Award Level 3 and Level 5 in Leadership and Management and provide full support to achieve this.