Who is it for?

Impellus presentation skills and techniques training is for managers and those who have to make persuasive presentations in order to be successful in their role. This would include; Sales and Business Development Executives who require competitive presentations when meeting with clients and prospects, Managers who need to report to their teams or their Senior Managers, Executives who are required to run meetings or those who need to present in order to change opinion or win buy-in.

It serves excellently as a refresher for seasoned presenters or trainers who feel they need some new thinking. This training course can easily be tailored to accommodate your specific presentation challenges.

What does it cover?

This presentation skills training course provides delegates with the tools they require to create presentations, meetings or training sessions which are structured, persuasive and – most importantly – achieve the buy-in and results that they are after. The journey of creating and delivering a successful presentation is covered and the opportunity for performance feedback provided.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Set clear aims and objectives
  • Properly plan and design presentations to stand the greatest chance of success
  • Assess all the available information to ensure thorough preparation
  • Use communication skills to create impact
  • Consider all aspects of their delivery including vocal projection and environment
  • Consider how to use questions and feedback constructively to improve results

Presentation skills training overview

  • The key elements of an effective presentation
  • Identifying clear aims and objectives
  • Structuring with the end result in mind
  • Considering the factors that make presentations impactful and memorable
  • Thinking from  your audience’s perspectives to keep their attention
  • How to include pauses and silence to maximum effect
  • Closing memorably and eliciting the behaviour you’re looking for
  • Employing non-verbal communication skills to look confident, authoritative and credible
  • Responding to how people prefer to take in information
  • Being prepared for questions and handling them concisely

Joining this management course

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