1. The organisation

Consilient Health is a pharmaceutical company, focused on bringing medicines that address unmet clinical needs to patients in the United Kingdom and Europe. The company is headquartered in Ireland, with operations in the UK, Sweden and additional partnerships in Europe. Its current focus is women’s health, endocrinology, bone health and urology. The company continues to focus on building its range of medicines. 

2. The challenge

Karen Pulley, Head of Sustainability at Consilient Health, emphasises the significance of managerial support. Recognising the challenges faced by new managers, the company takes responsibility to provide training and development programmes. The focus is on aligning individual needs with organisational objectives. A unified, high standard of training ensures consistent outcomes. This approach also fosters collaborative teamwork across the organisation through shared learning experiences.

3. The training

Over the past year, Consilient Health has collaborated with Impellus, resulting in several managers successfully completing Level 3 ILM Awards and obtaining Impellus Certificates of Learning. These programmes have centred on leadership and management or sales and customer management.

4. Testimonial

Karen commends Impellus for its exceptional service, expressing satisfaction with its responsiveness and straightforwardness. She underscores Consilient Health’s investment in learning and development, citing increased staff morale and job satisfaction. The consistently positive feedback from delegates serves as a testament to the effectiveness of these initiatives. Additionally, the provision of training acts as a motivating factor for new managers, assuring them of the support to excel in their roles. 

5. The results

Through its annual Great Place to Work survey, Consilient Health gauges employee satisfaction. Following Impellus’s training initiatives, employee ratings for training and development opportunities notably improved from the previous year, addressing an area flagged for improvement. Karen notes the enthusiasm among participants for the courses and highlights the positive outcomes achieved. Consequently, the company has recently secured five additional Level 3 packages for further team members, based on this success.