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ILM Workshops

ILM workshops bring your ILM Award candidates together to accelerate learning, share ideas and experiences, and help them successfully qualify as professional managers.  

These lively and engaging sessions emphasise the dual importance of both vocational and academic learning. Your ILM assessor will guide your team through their qualification and motivate them to complete. They will also help to identify objectives and actions that meet the particular challenges they are facing and encourage a consistent approach to implementation across the workplace.    

Timings and delivery

Full day or part day, face-to-face but can be online. 


£2,995 plus VAT per day. 

£1,995 plus VAT per half day.

Features and benefits

  • Accelerates academic achievement. 
  • Ensures vocational application of learning. 
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences. 
  • Group learning – consistent messages. 

What’s included

  • Full day or part-thereof with full progress feedback. 
  • Arrangement of preferred format; can be done in groups or in sittings based on numbers and challenges. 
  • Constructive verbal feedback from your experienced assessor.  
  • Some extension terms possible for individual learners. 

Call 0800 619 1230 for more information and to book.