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Accelerated personal development programmes

Delegates who have recently completed courses or a formal training programme with Impellus can benefit from these high-impact one-to-one sessions to clarify learning outcomes, commit to an action plan and explore their challenges, roadblocks or opportunities.  

Topics for discussion are agreed in advance to ensure action plans are in line with your organisation’s objectives. The delegate will then have the ability to explore, grow and develop while revisiting key insights from their learning.  

Delegates create action plans as they go which can be reviewed in future sessions. These programmes bring learning immediately to life and can provide an excellent way to fast-track key individuals. 

Timings and delivery

One hour per session, usually delivered on Microsoft Teams 


£500 plus VAT per delivered session. 

(Minimum of four sessions must be booked. These can be used by one delegate or divided between a number of delegates of your choice).

Features and benefits

  • External challenge and facilitation by an expert facilitator. 
  • Creates agreed and committed action plans. 
  • Freedom to explore, grow and develop in role. 
  • Fast-tracks individuals and results. 
  • Limited impact on time away from work. 


  • Full ‘contracting’ – the process of determining and communicating all the factors of engagement. 
  • Allows highly specific implementation of new skills and techniques. 
  • Allows delegates to explore thoughts in line with organisational objectives. 
  • Each session fully pre-prepared by your experienced facilitator. 
  • Introduction of deeper learning or additional resources if appropriate. 
  • Constructive verbal feedback from your experienced facilitator as agreed in contracting. 

Call 0800 619 1230 for more information and to book.