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Guide to maximising training RoI

Impellus training courses are carefully and purposefully designed to be a catalyst for immediate and longer-term change and improvement in the workplace.  

This free guide provides expert insight and advice on how to maximise the impact of your Impellus training and create a culture of continuous improvement. It includes: 

  • How to measure the short and long-term impacts of Impellus training. 
  • How to set delegates up for success. 
  • How the structure of Impellus courses is designed to maximise impact. 
  • How to follow up training to support workplace actions. 

What sets us apart?

The Impellus difference: 

  • We take a non-didactic approach, facilitating the active involvement of our delegates to help them find solutions to the ‘real world’ challenges they face in their day-to-day work. 
  • Our exclusive course workbooks are provided as a physical copy to each delegate. As studies have shown, making handwritten notes is a highly effective way to embed learning. In addition, each workbook becomes a personalised plan of action to be kept by the delegate for ongoing reference.  
  • Impellus courses are carefully divided into timed sections with a mix of interactive and self-reflective activities to ensure delegates remain alert and receptive throughout the day. 
  • Our range of follow-up sessions ensure training is consolidated and effectively implemented to achieve positive and lasting results. 

Consolidation and implementation sessions

Our range of follow-up sessions includes: 

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