1. Organisational Challenge

Refuge is a national domestic violence charity employing just under 200 people in its London headquarters as well as across the UK. Its managers also need to engage and work with a large base of volunteers.

Like many organisations from all sectors, Refuge realised that many of its managers were highly technically competent but had not been provided with the management training which would allow the organisation to perform at its best.

2. Choosing Impellus

“We started looking at management training courses that were would help our managers to think more organisationally and commercially but didn’t want anything that would be irrelevant for a charity. We found Impellus who were able to offer courses with a consistent quality all around the country.” said Kim Chudley, Head of HR.

“I was initially concerned that the atmosphere of an open training course might be too corporate for us to relate to as we have great diversity of attitudes amongst our staff. So, I chose to attend an open training course in order to satisfy myself that there would be a sufficient mix of attendees. It was good to see other managers from a range of organisations with the similar issues, and I realised that a big part of the learning experience is that we are not the only organisations with these problems. What Impellus offers is very professional and credible.”

3. Working with Impellus

“Impellus spent time getting to know our organisation before we started sending managers on the courses so that its trainers could relate to our managers and the work they deal with. They were also able to assist me directly with a ‘launch’ event which really helped to engage managers before the training started.

“We used funding and bulk discount purchasing to get the best possible deal on our training which helps to ensure that the charity runs as efficiently as possible for our cause. The system of buying days on account has also provided us with great flexibility and ease of administration.”

4. Results Achieved

“Our managers have gained a common language around management and leadership and have found it straight forward to bring what they’ve learned back into their roles. They realise that their challenges are not necessarily linked to the charity sector and feel better equipped to run their departments in a more effective manner.”

Kim Chudley, Head of HR