As the UK’s largest independent training provider accredited by the ILM, we are determined to maintain the highest quality of training and support for our ILM Award candidates. 

We have recently reviewed our ‘Fast-Track’ ILM Award options and in the light of lower uptake as customers switch to our course-based learning we have decided to discontinue these at both Level 3 and Level 5. 

  • Fast-Track ILM Awards are no longer available to purchase. 
  • Delegates currently studying for a Fast-Track Award will continue to receive the full support of our ILM-accredited Assessment Team until their studies are complete. 
  • The final start date for ILM Fast-Track Awards is 5 March 2024. 

Why Impellus is always the best choice for ILM Awards 

“The beauty of our course-based ILM Award programmes is their flexibility,” says Jon Dean, Impellus Managing Director. They can be completed within three months, that’s within the same timescale previously offered by Fast-Track, or over a maximum of 24 months.  

“In addition, the course-based ILM Award programmes offer a richer learning experience than Fast-Track and at no extra cost. This includes the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with peers from a range of other sectors and industries via the live online training delivered by our highly experienced trainers.   

Find out more about Level 3 and Level 5 course-based ILM Award programmes. 

Support from our ILM-accredited Assessment Team 

All Impellus ILM Award delegates benefit from the ongoing help and support of our ILM-accredited Assessment Team. Find out more about the services they offer.