1. The organisation and the role

Joe is a mental health nurse who provides clinical safety oversight for Health Call, an NHS-owned company. Health Call designs and implements digital solutions to help the health and care sector reduce operational delivery costs while improving patient experience and outcomes. 

Joe’s role includes analysing digital products and writing risk assessments to ensure potential harm to patients is kept as low as reasonably possible. He has just completed an ILM Level 3 Award with Impellus.

2. The challenge

I have many years of academic study behind me but now that I work in a fast-paced organisation with complex objectives I needed to understand practical methods of applying good leadership to get the best from myself and others.

3. The training

Which aspect of your ILM studies did you find most challenging? 

“I found carving out the time to focus on the essays a challenge and also making the answers relevant to my own experiences rather than just recounting the theories of others.” 

And which most useful? 

“I found the reflective nature of the coursework most useful as it made me think about how I behave and communicate in a work setting. I thought about myself from another’s viewpoint and realised I may need to be more flexible in my approach depending on the audience.”  

4. Testimonial

“The team put a lot of time and thought into providing initial feedback on my coursework before I submitted it. They made me work for my pass and were very responsive and pleasant to communicate with. I would recommend Impellus as it is a professional organisation with skilled team members. The workshop facilitators kept good energy and momentum throughout the virtual training, materials were well put together and my experience has been positive throughout.” 

5. The results

I am more reflective, flexible in how I communicate and confident in my approach to interacting with other members of the team.