A recent study suggests that a lack of ‘soft skills’ training is costing the UK economy a staggering £88bn per year. Soft skills, most notably management training, have a big impact on productivity, and productivity in the UK is below the rate of many other leading nations.


The report, backed by the CBI, concludes that investment in management training and areas such as communication, team work, time management and leadership skills could provide the last piece in the much discussed ‘productivity puzzle’. By investing in management training, companies can see a significant return on their training investment as Managers derive greater productivity from their staff. In times when productivity holds such prizes, organisations investing now can deliver excellent return on the management training investment.


Leading businesses agree.

NGK Spark Plugs, the brand leader in the UK spark plug market, has recently invested in a two-year management training programme with Impellus. The company has identified that encouraging Managers to create motivated and effective teams will yield strong long-term results.


Impellus Operations Manager, David Shimkus, commented, “We’re not surprised by these recent findings. With the UK lagging behind in terms of productivity there’s a real financial incentive for businesses to invest in management training courses and skills development. Add to that the 50% funding that’s available on many of our open management training courses and our clients are reaping rich rewards”