The ILM rebrand is more than just new ILM logos - the ILM and the Institute of Leadership and Management are now separate organisations. Impellus MD, Jon Dean, explains the ILM rebrand in simple terms.

The ILM is changing and as one of the UK’s largest providers of ILM Award qualifications in Leadership and Management I’m providing the simple explanation to the ILM rebrand which has caused an amount of confusion amongst those organisations who have used the body for accrediting their managers.

The fundamental change came about a year ago. Until then the ILM (the Institute of Leadership and Management) was one body and was owned by City and Guilds, the qualifications accrediting organisation. The ILM had two main activities; one was as an accreditor of management and leadership skills, the other was a membership organisation for managers. At the end of 2015 it was advised that the activities were to be split and that they would effectively become two separate entities; the accreditation body and the membership organisation. The accreditation body would remain under the control of City and Guilds.

All clear so far.

So in November this year all ILM accredited partners (such as Impellus) were advised that as part of the changes there would be a full ILM rebrand.

The Institute of Leadership and Management would now be the official name of the newly independent membership organisation and ‘the ILM’ would now be the official name of the body that accredits leadership and management.

Cool. So, erm, after the ILM rebrand what does the ILM suggest that ILM stands for?

So this is where it gets a bit odd. ILM now stands for nothing. Just letters. Certainly not the Institute of Leadership and Management – that’s a separate organisation. Apparently ‘the organisation formerly known as the Institute of Leadership and Management’ is fine as a description but not encouraged as an organisational title.

Remember that if you do an Award in Leadership and Management through the ILM you will still receive a year’s membership to the Institute of Leadership and Management but you’ll need to be aware that despite the two similar ILM logos on your paperwork, you are being served by two separate organisations.

Got that?

So the ILM rebrand is a little confusing and until the ILM has worked out what ILM might stand for, will probably remain so for a while. Importantly, the ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, management and coaching qualifications. Its Awards will still provide the same value to companies and managers alike, and Impellus wishes both organisations the very best with their strategy. We remain committed to providing a flexible ILM Award qualification structure in the same manner we always have. As do the City and Guilds group.

I’m sure it will take a while for the changes to become widely known but the recognised value proposition that ILM Awards provide will ultimately ensure that the ILM rebrand becomes clearly understood.

The ILM rebrand sees the familiar old ILM logo (left) replaced with the new version (right).


ILM logo black and red