Who’s it for?

The personal effectiveness training course is suited to proficient staff members who are looking to either work more effectively to increase the impact they have on their organisation, or work at a more senior level within their team. It is also suitable for an employee who is aspiring to be a team leader.

What does it cover?

The course covers the key skills that turn a competent individual into an effective team player or aspiring team leader. Delegates study how effective teams perform, the ways in which they communicate and the practices that allow focus and openness around performance feedback without creating conflict or miscommunication.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Be able to encourage and drive teamwork amongst peers
  • Communicate with colleagues and managers more effectively
  • Be able to assess own performance as well as that of others
  • Establish how to improve personal impact on current job role
  • Provide feedback on performance and encourage higher contributions from others
  • Help overcome conflict within the team

Personal effectiveness training course overview

  • Understanding the characteristics of high-performance teams and how to achieve them
  • Establish how individuals strengths can be uncovered and channelled
  • How to enhance your own performance and impact
  • Identifying and tackling the barriers to effective communication
  • Methods for communicating and providing feedback at different levels
  • Skills to avoid or reduce conflict in the workplace
  • Recognising own value in the workplace.

Joining this management course

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