With 2017 just around the corner, HR and Training Managers will be reviewing annual training requirements for their organisations and considering the options available to them. But how do you decide between open or in-house management training? What are the differences and is there anything available in between these two options?

As you review open and in-house management training providers and before presenting your proposal to your board or senior management team, we recommend reading our guide that highlights the key attributes of all options:

1. Open training courses

  • Delegates are away from their usual work place, which enables them to distance themselves from daily activities and focus on the training content
  • If you have numerous employees to be trained but you don’t want them to be out of the office at the same time, a few can attend on one date and then more on later courses
  • Delegates benefit from interacting with a mix of delegates from a variety of industries. Initially they may feel they do not have anything in common with the other participants, but soon realise they share everyday challenges – see management training reviews below
  • This mix of delegate and industry input and ideas provides a rich and learning experience with an external perspective
  • Quality training providers will be running courses frequently, so if one of your delegates is unable to attend a course on the same day as their colleagues, they will be able to attend a week or so afterwards
  • Individual employee training needs can be accommodated by attending single courses. There is no need to delay the start of a management training programme because of insufficient numbers to conduct a session
  • Delegates are often more willing to speak up and participate when they are not with colleagues with whom they work on a daily basis
  • Often, as with Impellus, open courses are held at a number of venues around the country offering flexibility for your colleagues that are based in locations other than your head office. The majority of providers will provide management courses in London, for example, but not all will offer regular management training in Norwich, Newcastle and other major towns and cities
  • In addition to the flexibility, this also ensures that your employees have access to the same courses and they should receive consistent course content irrespective of where they are based and when they join your organisation
  • The Impellus’ Learning and Development Consultants who deliver the management and leadership skills training are directly employed by the organisation ensuring that quality and consistency is delivered to its clients
  • Good providers of training will offer a selection of courses, e.g. presentation skills training, commercial skills training and leadership and management training, so the different topics cater for the varying requirements, different responsibilities and seniority of your delegates
  • Open courses run by training providers that are accredited by a professional body or institute can be linked to further study and a qualification, such as the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management. If your employees join up to professionally develop in this way, the training provider can provide support throughout their studies
  • Some training providers offer funded training courses, which can make access to management training easier and helps to provide an extremely good return on your investment.

"The course was delivered in a way that included all participants whatever their background and organisation focus." Robin Askew, Mary Hare School

2. In-house training

  • In-house training can be conducted at your premises or at a convenient venue decided by you
  • The format is very suitable if you have a group of employees that need to undergo training at the same time and who can all be away from their desks/workplace together for the duration
  • The content can be tailored specifically to your requirements whilst creating a positive learning experience, i.e. bespoke learning to fulfil organisation specific challenges
  • In-house training can be very effective when you need to communicate with a group of employees about a brand engagement programme or to embed cultural change, for example
  • The format, content and length of the training can be tailored by the training provider
  • If one or more of the delegates is unable to attend the training, it can be expensive to set up another session for them at a later date
  • The input from delegates and the sharing of experiences has an internal focus only
  • It can be very effective in getting teams to work more closely together, for example, and identifying where further training for individuals may be required
  • Managers joining the organisation after the training has taken place may miss out on the programme.

“It was good to partner with someone from outside of my business in the coaching session.” Michelle Netto, Weston Area Health Trust


Another option is a blended approach combining both open and in-house management training. Some organisations carry out in-house training for a team of employees and having identified further training needs for some people, they then book different open training courses for the individuals to attend. Alternatively, an organisation may use open management training courses to train individual members and later hold an in-house training session for a cultural change programme that is specific to their business.

Impellus Recommendations:

If your organisation has very specific workflow processes, a change management programme or organisational developments that you would like to communicate to a group of managers of the same level of seniority, in-house management training is very suitable and effective.

If you have individual managers who need to develop their core leadership skills in an environment where they can take time to stop and reflect on their current behaviours and skills, identify where they are performing well and where improvements would enhance their team, and where their outlook can be enriched up by an exterior perspective, open training courses fit the bill.

Training Reviews

Here's a small sample of recent feedback on Impellus open management training courses:

“Overall course was very useful and content linked with current situations within my branch.” Matt Goodwin, Frontline Recruitment

“Very suited to the working environment.” Steven Mehta, Parkacre Enterprises Ltd.

“Brought subject matter to life with relevant examples.” Lauren Lister, Beavertown Brewery

More Impellus management training reviews can be viewed here, or get in touch with us for more information on open or in-house management training courses.