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Development Programmes

Development Programmes

All delegates taking a development programme with Impellus, regardless of whether they’re completing Level 3 or 5, have a choice to make between the ILM Award and the Impellus Certificate of Learning.

Though both are fantastic options, we understand the importance of making the right decision for you or your colleague, so we recommend looking over the following information before making your choice.

The ILM Award in Leadership and Management

The ILM Award in Leadership and Management is an internationally recognised qualification, fully supported by the in-house assessment team here at Impellus. It’s designed to help individuals take their learning from the courses and apply it directly to their own situations and organisations.

Learners take three one-day courses at Level 3 and two two-day courses at Level 5, followed by a written assessment for each one.

The assessments take the form of several essay-style questions and are completed in the learners’ own time, allowing them to work at a pace that suits them and their organisations. The programme lasts for a maximum of 2 years from the day of their first course.

Throughout the programme, learners will have full access to support from the Impellus assessment team, including instructional videos, feedback, writing tips, and personal tutorial sessions.

On completion of the qualification, learners will receive a printed certificate in recognition of their achievement.

The ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

A qualification made up of three one day courses which you can choose and take to suit the requirements of each individual, plus an online written assessment to pass the qualification.

ILM Level 3 course basedILM Level 3 fast track

ILM Level 3 Courses

The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management

A qualification made up of two two-day courses which you can choose and take to suit the requirements of each individual, plus an online written assesssment to pass the qualification

ILM Level 3 course basedILM Level 3 fast track

ILM Level 5 Courses

The Impellus Certificate of Learning

The Certificate of Learning is different from the ILM Award in that it’s not a qualification. Instead, it’s a formal package of learning. Instead of completing any written assignments, learners on this route will take an extra training course, giving them a total of 4 one-day courses at Level 3 and 3 two-day sessions at Level 5.

This route is ideal for those learners who are not looking to achieve a qualification or perhaps don’t excel in academic writing. As well as the extra course to attend, there is an extended range of titles from which to choose.

At the end of your programme, you’ll receive a framed, printed certificate in the post in recognition of your learning. This certificate will also document the CPD points awarded.

There are no differences in price between the two options, so you can freely choose the one which will most suit the individual.

If you’d like to discover more about the ILM Award or the Impellus Certificate of Learning, please give us a call on 0800 619 1230 or use the live chat at the bottom of the screen.

The Level 3 Certificate of Learning in Leadership and Management

A formal learning programme made up of four one-day courses which you can choose and take to suit the requirements of each individual.

ILM Level 3 course based

The Level 3 Certificate of Learning in the Professional Sales Environment

The Certificate of Learning is made up of four modules – all of which are lively, challenging one-day courses with limited numbers of delegates.

Process, Questions, Objections and Value is the core module with all delegates being able to choose the optional courses that give them the best returns in their roles.

ILM Level 3 fast track

The Level 5 Certificate of Learning in Leadership and Management

A formal learning programme made up of three two-day courses.

ILM Level 5 course based

Level 5 Courses


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Customer testimonial

Very well presented- Mel really knew her stuff! It also helps that Mel is charismatic so the day  flew by. Most enjoyable was that I could actually take away something of value- the adult ego state or as I like to call it- "Adulting". This will definitely be a conscious choice to make this a starting point for my work communications moving forwards so that it eventually becomes the norm for me.

M.H-M , Insite Energy Ltd

The best bit about the courses were the fantastic tutors!

Debbie Birch , British Safety Council

I really enjoyed the breakout rooms and spending time with other people on the course.

Dean Hodgett , AES Global Ltd

I found all of the day enjoyable and all of the on content was useful.
I liked how the course content topics were introduced, setting out the framework. I particularly enjoyed the break out sessions.S.S, Equals Money

S.S , Equals Money

Completing the Impellus courses allowed me to mix with many different individuals from organisations working in different industries. This made break-out rooms and discussions very interesting due to the range of skills, knowledge, and personalities present throughout the courses, and it was fascinating to hear different ideas and points of view.

Thank you Impellus!

Louise Neilands Customer Service & Sales Advisor, James Cuthbertson Ltd

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