I have come away with important information about how to set and monitor goals and performance

Breakout sessions were useful to hear from others and discuss. Content was varied with great use of different examples to understand concepts.

I think the day was very well structured and planned. I felt like the time flew by! I enjoyed all of it and find it very interesting. The perception cycle was good, doing the DISC Analysis and learning about the Ego States was also informative.

What I enjoyed most about the Impellus courses was the interactive element… It was fascinating to hear the opinions and expertise of a wide range of professionals as well as the course instructors to understand how these processes can be implemented.

The course was well structured. The booklet meant rest for the eyes from the screen for a short time. It was interactive and enjoyable. I learnt a lot.

I found that I have a better understanding of my management style and where I could be improving and adapting my style. And also to better understand which approaches are best for what kind of situation.

This is a very informative and engaging course.

I really enjoyed the challenge of putting myself in another’s shoes and contemplating situations in which I could use the skills of each course. It was also fascinating to hear the different views and opinions of others on the courses, and the expertise of each of the instructors. Thank you very much Impellus!

Great course, perfectly timed for transitioning into management and providing me with every inch of insight to help better manage the team every day.

I learnt so much from the day courses I attended with Impellus. My favourite aspects of attending were: – Meeting nice, engaging groups of people from all walks of life. – Learning in a dynamic way and hearing multiple perspectives of the same situation. – Listening to other people’s work related experiences and seeing how … Read more

The trainer – Alison – was warm, friendly and really knowledgeable. She made everyone feel included and valued throughout. It was helpful to go into breakout rooms to allow for more detailed discussions with people from different sectors and with different experiences.