I definitely enjoyed the Leadership Skills Development training course the most. I found the questionnaire really interesting and really enjoyed choosing the words on page 11 of the workbook for my leadership style. The course highlighted to me how I work and manage people and gave me lots to think about. I am a very … Read more

The trainer was really engaging and warm. Brilliant teacher! The content was great and really helpful. Wish I’d done it years ago! The mixture of listening and discussing was just right.

I thought it was a really good balance of learning, information shared whilst being able to practise what we we being taught. Ken was very approachable and a great teacher. It was not as daunting as I thought it was going to be. The workbook will be a very useful resource.

Community Foster Care - Training with Impellus

This was an excellent training course and was delivered brilliantly. I was engaged the whole time and I have really taken on board good tips and strategies that I can use in my practice. Thank you.

Alison was fantastic, she used lots of relatable examples, and was personable, knowledgeable and clear. I enjoyed the course and found it all very helpful – particularly the reflection on what I am doing/need to change.