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Coronavirus: Booking face-to-face training safely and securely

Book face-to-face (physically-delivered) training course dates safely and securely

[Last updated: Tuesday 14th December 2021]

Ensuring the integrity of your face-to-face training bookings

As restrictions move and change across the UK we want to ensure that our clients recognise the following, whatever the law prescribes on any given date:

  • We will always put the safety of your staff and ours at the top of our priorities
  • We will only offer face-to-face (physically-delivered) training dates which, to the best of our expectations or knowledge, can be delivered safely as well as professionally
  • Where possible and if agreeable we will endeavour to offer online alternatives or move physical dates if, as they approach, situations change

Booking physical in-house courses and consultancy securely

We’re currently accepting in-house bookings on an individual basis and will decide to accept a booking or otherwise based on a number of factors such as date, location, size of room, ventilation, availability of sanitisers, delegate numbers, changes in the law etc.

All and any dates are accepted are subject to our risk assessment and terms at point of booking OR at any time up to and during time of delivery. 

Should you prefer to book physical dates and we’re not able to deliver those safely at the time due to Coronavirus for any reason, we’ll provide you with options to re-book without penalty.

Either you or we may unilaterally decide that the risk of Coronavirus infection has changed and move or change the date accordingly with reasonable notice depending on the situation and risk involved.

Please note that our normal booking terms and conditions are otherwise unaffected.

Bookings accepted where delivery is to be over the internet are clearly not affected by this addition.