How does the funding for management training effect productivity?

There’s 50% funding currently available on all Impellus ILM accredited open management training courses. Yet many HR Managers still find themselves having to explain to Managing Directors and CEOs why management training is critical to financial results.

Productivity is meaured in the output of an organisation per man-hour employed.

In the UK low productivity is much lower than in other wealthy countries such as Germany. Unlocking greater productivity is high on the government’s economic agenda and is seen as key to significant and sustainable economic growth.50% funding to improve UK productivity through management training and development

This is why 50% funding is currently available to employers who are looking to develop their management skills across their organisations. It’s understood that outstanding leadership and management is the bedrock of productivity.

This short BBC audio explains what organisations are missing out on when management – at all levels- is not trained and developed.

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Special Audio Report from the BBC

Five reasons why Germany is more efficient than the UK – a 2-minute BBC radio excerpt. This link opens the BBC website in another tab.