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£2,000 Training Grants

£2,000 grant per individual for structured development.

A funded initiative to help UK employers with over 100 employees deliver improved results through productivity, leadership and business development.

Grants to deliver the results you’re after

All UK employers with over 100 employees can draw down £2,000 funding per individual (max 25) towards accredited management and leadership, or sales and customer service development programmes. All designed to change the performance and results of the individuals, their teams and all stakeholders.

Final date for application is Wednesday, 31 July 2024 unless the total fund is allocated in advance.

Key points:

  • All employers in the UK, whether private, public, or charitable with over 100 employed staff are eligible
  • Up to 25 individuals per employer can benefit from a grant (£50k max funding)
  • Each individual can choose between a Level 3 or 5 programme to suit them (see below)
  • The balancing contribution from the employer must be paid on booking
  • Funding is aggregated by Impellus
  • Courses are delivered in small groups online
  • Impellus booking terms apply

How to Apply and Start Training

  1. Choose which level you would like your manager(s) or customer-facing staff to do. You don’t need to have made course or qualification choices at this point, just whether you would like to take Level 3 or Level 5.
  2. Call 0800 619 1230 to arrange funding. We’ll need some basic organisational information and the names and job titles of the benefiting individuals (you can book unnamed places for future use too).
  3. We set up your online account and you’re ready to start booking the courses and/or qualifications you wish to take.

Our Customers

Your Level 3 Programme Choices

These programmes are ideal for the people charged with delivering results either as managers or customer-focused professionals.

The Level 3 Certificate of Learning in Leadership and Management

A formal learning programme made up of four one-day courses which you can choose and take to suit the requirements of each individual.

ILM Level 3 course based

The Level 3 Certificate of Learning in the Professional Sales Environment

The Certificate of Learning is made up of four modules – all of which are lively, challenging one-day courses with limited numbers of delegates.

Process, Questions, Objections and Value is the core module with all delegates being able to choose the optional courses that give them the best returns in their roles.

ILM Level 3 fast track

Type Price
All Level 3 packages £2,596
Grant deduction £2,000
Customer contribution     £596

Your Level 5 Programme Choices

These are ideal for Senior Managers, Directors and Organisational Heads.

The Level 5 Certificate of Learning in Leadership and Management

A formal learning programme made up of three two-day courses.

ILM Level 5 course based

Level 5 Courses

Type Price
All Level 5 packages £3,245
Grant deduction £2,000
Customer contribution £1,245

How to Apply and Start Training

Application can be made and handled over the phone. We can answer your questions and take the basic details needed to set up your account quickly and easily.

You only need to pay your contributions (you don’t need to pay in full and reclaim) and you can then start making the course and qualification bookings you want.

All enquiries: 0800 619 1230