Who is it for?

This course is designed for employers, HR staff, managers or supervisors who are responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of staff and have a duty to proactively prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

The course can easily be tailored to include specific or relevant issues if required, often with no additional charge. Call us on 0800 619 1230 and let us know what you'd like to achieve.

What does it cover?

Bullying in the workplace takes many forms. It may be covert and insidious or a one-off blatant incident. Either way, bullying and harassment are always unacceptable and in may cases illegal.

Given that managers and employees can be held personally liable for discriminatory acts (whether they were intended to be discriminatory or not), this is an area that cannot be ignored.

This workshop will give practical guidance on increasing awareness and limiting the risks involved in this area.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Spot behaviour which is not conductive to good working order or relationships and be able to step in appropriately
  • Be able to recognise when to manage an issue informally or formally and what to do in each case
  • Know how to manage the actions conducted by staff outside of work which can cause issues inside work
  • Work towards creating the right culture, fostering healthy attitudes in the workplace
  • Know when to propose mediation and how to prevent constructive dismissals
  • Listen to a complaint and give support to the employee throughout the process; at the same time minimising the impact on the employer.

Course overview

  • The business case for taking this seriously
  • Legal framework – both an individual and the employer’s responsibilities & liabilities
  • The impact of the Equality Act 2010 for employees
  • Understanding what constitutes harassment and bullying
  • The notion of creating an intimidating environment
  • Recognising where the “line” is and ensuring that it is not crossed
  • Managing workplace banter
  • Sample cases from Tribunals / other organisations
  • Incidents occurring outside of workplace including social media
  • The manager’s and individual employees’ responsibilities
  • Tools for addressing unacceptable behaviour
  • Dealing fairly with the perpetrator and the alleged victim

Joining this management course

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