Who is it for?

This course is essential for all people in a sales or account management role who need to be able to spot situations and opportunities and generate best outcomes; whether they be leads, sales opportunities, difficult customers or handling client challenges.

This course can be tailored to include your specific challenges, often without additional charge. Call us on 0800 619 1230 and tell what it is you’re looking to achieve.

What does it cover?

This course will help delegates to reduce resistance to new ideas or products and eliminate conflict. They’ll be better placed to use language and create options which get the best outcomes.

Delegates will learn how to build rapport and trust in situations by using appropriate communication styles and they’ll actively investigate persuasion techniques for dealing with awkward customers.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Become more persuasive and exert greater influence
  • Be more confident and effective in handling different people and situations
  • Understand different communication styles and learn to adapt their own as necessary
  • Be more successful in negotiations
  • Actively use emotional intelligence
  • Use persuasive language skills
  • Quickly consider and work towards best commercial outcomes
  • Avoid conflict


The Skills of Persuasion and Influence overview

Understanding influence and persuasion

  • Understanding the influence of everything
  • The six groups of influencing factors
  • The characteristics of a successful persuader
  • The secrets of self-belief and courage

Preparing to persuade

  • Building rapport and trust by understanding the perspectives of others
  • The importance of non-verbal communication

Exploring the outcomes that others are after

  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Realising that all behaviours have a positive intention
  • Hone acuity and overcome barriers to active listening

Communication style

  • How to choose and deploy the style you’re after
  • Eliminating barriers to conflict

Overcome resistance

  • Understanding how to use assertiveness and yet avoid threatening behaviour
  • Use emotional intelligence to your advantage
  • Negotiate for a genuine win-win situation

Joining this management course

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