Who is the PRINCE2 Practitioner course made for?

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is suitable for more experienced project managers who have completed the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate, or one of the other PRINCE2 pre-requisite courses. 

The Practitioner course is also suitable for other key members of a project management team. This can include people working in project assurance, team managers, project board members and operational line managers or staff.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course firms up the knowledge learned in the Foundation course, and teaches practical skills that can help you deliver a successful project. 

What does the PRINCE2 Practitioner course cover?

Once the knowledge and terminology has been established through the Foundation course, PRINCE2 Practitioner covers how to apply that in your role. This involves: 

  • Establishing a project using PRINCE2 themes, taught in the PRINCE2 Foundation course 
  • Applying PRINCE2 to various needs and problems that arise in a project
  • Using PRINCE2 themes and frameworks and applying them to a real project 
  • Managing project deliverables
  • Directing a project
  • How to close a project
  • PRINCE2 in practice: showing case studies

The Practitioner course also establishes key skills when managing projects. This includes mitigating and analysing risk, dealing with change and how to overcome a series of challenges. 

Benefits of PRINCE2 Practitioner for employees

  • Career: The PRINCE2 Practitioner course allows you to gain an internationally recognised project management certification. 
  • Confidence to lead a project: The PRINCE2 Practitioner course puts the PRINCE2 processes and themes into practice. This gives you the skills to apply that in leading a project - or being a key valuable member of a team. 

Benefits for business

  • Delivering projects on time and budget with clear leadership: PRINCE2 Certified Practitioners will be equipped to deal with each stage of a project, using their skills to manage tasks and stay on time and on budget.
  • Develop a consistent approach: The PRINCE2 approach to project management teaches a clear and consistent method of managing projects. As your training partners, our experts will support you and your team to work seamlessly.

PRINCE2 Practitioner overview

The PRINCE2 Practitioner courses teach a deeper understanding of the principles, themes and process of PRINCE2 that you will have learned during the PRINCE2 Foundation course.

Once that is established, the Practitioner course will give you the ability to demonstrate how PRINCE2 skills can be applied to any project challenge or need.

The purpose of the PRINCE2 Practitioner course is to empower project managers to excel in their role by providing expert support on PRINCE2 principles. We support every delegate to not just finish the course with certification, but also to leave with the knowledge and skills that will help them deliver successful projects for the rest of their career. 

Delegates can choose from two different Practitioner courses: PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner. 

Our Agile courses are for project managers and key members of the project team who are working on projects that typically change and evolve.

Why Choose Impellus for your PRINCE2 Practitioner training?

We’re a certified and accredited PRINCE2 training provider, so we ensure that you’re given the support, skills and knowledge to be confident in the processes involved in project management. 

Our experts will empower you and your team to  any project, of any size. Our accredited training has helped teams from some of the most recognised brands in the world. 

Project Management is a difficult skill to learn, so we’ll offer you tried and tested techniques to increase your confidence in decision making and become more comfortable with each stage of the project management process.

As well as the invaluable skills taught on the PRINCE2 Practitioner course, Impellus offers: 

  • Clear pricing with no hidden charges or fees. All of the examination fees are included in the price of the training course
  • Additional support from our training experts both during and after the course, including support to pass the certification
  • An easy-to-book process with availability for all courses and types

All PRINCE2 courses are taught online by our experienced PRINCE2 trainers. These sessions are made to be interactive and enjoyable for each delegate. So that everyone is given the support they need, we make sure never to have more than 20 delegates on any one of our courses. 

If you’d like to find out more about our PRINCE2 courses, please contact us. Alternatively, if you’d like to join one of our future PRINCE2 Practitioner courses on a date that suits you, please book below. 

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