Who is it for?

The key account management training course is beneficial to those professionals who are responsible for managing client relationships that have the most impact on an organisation achieving its business objectives – typically clients that are of high commercial value or strategic importance.

The course helps to ensure customer strategy is aligned to long-term business goals and is suitable for executives and managers in sales, business development and account management.

KAM training is also of value for managers and business directors considering implementing a key account management strategy across their organisation with the aim of achieving competitive advantage in their market place.

What does it cover?

The course will look at how key accounts can be identified and developed through proven techniques that can be adopted across any organisation. It explores how ‘growth potential’ can be maximised and how this can lead to competitive advantage in saturated markets. Importantly, the key account management training course aims to gain insight beyond a client’s immediate value chain in order to identify future opportunities which can turn a standard customer relationship into one at ‘strategic business partner’ level.

The course also looks at the psychology behind why customers buy, so that delegates can select tactics that bring a return on investment and enhance customer relationships over the lifetime of a contract.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Focus their own resource and efficiencies on pipeline growth
  • Establish the products and services that drive success and are of greater strategic importance to the client
  • Identify customers that fit your business model and secure greater share of their wallet
  • Work with the target organisation as a whole to build better networks to maximise opportunities
  • Understand buying motivation and generating customer loyalty
  • Problem solving through differentiation techniques that do not erode profit margin

Key Account Management training overview

  • Defining key account customers
  • Identifying and researching customer needs
  • Exploring the five types of customer relationship
  • Selecting your ideal role as the supplier
  • Psychology of buying
  • Mitigating buyer remorse throughout the organisation
  • Building collaborative networks
  • Increasing value through insight

Joining this management course

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