Who is it for?

Essential for all team members, line managers and HR professionals who want to gain a better understanding of diversity, how to handle mixed groups, and who wish to discover how to add value to their organisations through their people.

This course can be delivered at different levels for managers and non-managers.

This course can be tailored to your specific workplace and cultural challenges - often without additional charge. Please let us know what you'd like to achieve by calling us on 0800 619 1230.

What does it cover?

Managing diversity, equality and incusivity is about valuing the differences that people from varied backgrounds bring to an organisation, and nurturing these. This can drive improvements in customer care and can also attract and retain talent. This programme is concerned with recognising diversity as an opportunity and not a challenge.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity overview

Understanding diversity

  • Defining diversity
  • The difference between diversity and equal opportunity
  • Diversity and discrimination
  • Key issues affecting different groups in the organisation – education, beliefs, employment, promotion prospects

Challenging prejudice and discrimination

  • Understanding stereotypes
  • The culture of equality and inclusivity
  • Different cultures and their commercial values
  • Assertiveness v. bullying

Legal obligations and legislation

  • Basic details of employment tribunals
  • Overview of current legislation (Race Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Age Discrimination Act, Human Rights Act, Asylum and Immigration Act)

Cultural awareness

  • Communication patterns across cultures
  • Negotiation styles across cultures
  • Strategies for working more effectively with other cultures

Joining this management course

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