Who is it for?

This customer service skills course is aimed at the people in your team who deal with customers but are not necessarily a direct part of the sales team, yet whose behaviour might greatly influence customer decisions.

What does it cover?

Seeing things through the lens of a customer is a key skill and will allow your people to deliver a far better customer experience in a more enjoyable and professional environment. The course looks at communication skills and how to communicate from a client perspective, as well as how individual behaviour can shape the way people treat you and your organisation.

What will delegates be able to do differently?

  • Provide a high and professional level of customer service
  • Realise the impact that they have on the behaviours of others
  • Understand how to communicate from a client perspective
  • Be confident, happy and professional in front of customers
  • Build trust and rapport on the level that they’re after
  • Avoid or repair difficult situations or conflict
  • Manage customer expectations.


Customer Service Skills overview

  • Setting customer expectations
  • How to gain respect and authority through advanced communications skills
  • What a difference you make
  • Examples of where customer service is more important than the product
  • What the customers aren’t asking you
  • Trust, respect and satisfaction
  • Building rapport easily without overstepping the “professional distance”
  • How to deliver bad or unwelcome news with respect and authority
  • How to avoid becoming nervous
  • How to handle requests outside your authority

Joining this management course

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