As Seth Godin said in his blog recently “Someone faced with doubt rarely brings her best self to the table.  Doubt undermines confidence, it casts aspersions, it assumes untruths.”

In the UK many business people are filled with doubt and fear following the Brexit vote.  That means that many of us won’t be bringing our best selves to the table at the moment.

With such deep divisions exposed by the vote it is important for us to recognise the NLP principle – “that each person’s ‘truth’ is true for them even if it differs from your ‘truth’ – since any person’s internal view of reality is just that – a ‘version’ of reality”.

It is a time for seeking to understand each other’s point of view.  Not what they did, but why they did it.  What principles are driving their behaviour.  What values they are seeking to express.

We need to be seeking to understand our colleagues and getting them to share their best ideas of how we can all move forward into the future.