You’ve probably heard of PRINCE2 already: this established and respected project management method is a standard process in organisations of all types and sizes. But what are the advantages of PRINCE2 over other management training options? And why invest in a formal training course for your employees, rather than simply letting them read up on the basics in a textbook? Here we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the big wins that you and your organisation are likely to benefit from, by studying for a PRINCE2 certification

1. PRINCE2 is flexible: its principles can be applied to any project

One of the biggest advantages of PRINCE2 is its scalability. This means that whatever the size of your project, whatever your sector, PRINCE2 principles will still work effectively. 

What does this mean in practice? Well, as an employer you can be confident your employees will be able to switch seamlessly from one project to another. And as an individual, you can pursue your own career interests in any field. As long as you have completed a PRINCE2 course and you understand its principles, themes and processes, your skills and experience will be applicable wherever you work. By training on a PRINCE2 course you will gain a fundamental understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology, and you’ll be well-equipped to participate in any role on any project. 

2. A PRINCE2 course will make you more productive

Project management with PRINCE2 is designed to be efficient and streamlined, with the ultimate goal being the successful and timely delivery of your project. Collaborating on a PRINCE2 project you will always refer back to the business case for the work you are doing, to ensure that the project is and remains viable.

It follows that gaining a qualification from a PRINCE2 course will enable your employees to work more productively on your project, delivering fast results at minimal expense. That’s a big benefit for your organisation (so if you’re trying to convince your boss of the advantages of PRINCE2 courses, be sure to make them aware of the potential positive impact on the company’s bottom line).

3. PRINCE2 delivers high quality results

A major advantage of PRINCE2 methodology is that everything that’s needed to ensure a good result is ready-baked into the process. This gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that all the necessary aspects of project delivery will be considered.

Stakeholder involvement is a good example; without regular stakeholder consultations you won’t be able to evaluate the efficacy of your product. PRINCE2 builds the needs of stakeholders into the structure of your project, so at every stage you can be sure that you are consulting and considering the views of the full range of interested parties. 

4. PRINCE2 is a universally recognised certification

PRINCE2 has the advantage of being a standardised process. What this means is that having completed a PRINCE2 course you will speak the same ‘language’ as your colleagues working on the project, so you all have similar ideas and expectations of how the project will progress. Alternatives to PRINCE2, such as CAPM and PMP, just don’t have that same global reach and awareness. So even if they are teaching you valuable project management skills, they may not be as easily transferable to all work situations.

Talking of transferability, because PRINCE2 certification is a globally established qualification, you really can use it anywhere in the world. That’s great news if you would like to work abroad, either on sabbatical or as a permanent move. With a PRINCE2 qualification, the world really does become your oyster.

5. A PRINCE2 certification supports employers and employees

If you’re an employer, a PRINCE2 certification will improve employees’ skills, making your business function more efficiently. It will also help employees to feel valued by providing them with this PRINCE2 training opportunity. And as an employee, the advantages of a PRINCE2 course can’t be overstated. Even if you already have a wealth of project management experience and a good understanding of what PRINCE2 entails, an official certification (Foundation or Practitioner) will support you in your role. By getting PRINCE2 certified, you will also show your employer your aptitude and ability to take on higher level responsibilities within your organisation.

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