The temperature in the training room – March 2017

As a leading ILM-Approved Training Centre, Impellus runs open leadership and management courses for more than 250 delegates each month. We ask each delegate to provide their feedback on the venue, course content and training delivery because we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Our feedback form also covers the delegate’s opinion on their work situation. By analysing this data regularly, we gain a very clear picture of how senior managers and managers are feeling across the country.

25% more managers attending leadership training

In March 2017 the number of managers attending Impellus’ open leadership and management courses rose by 25% year on year.

  • 64% of all managers attending our courses have been in their current role for three years or less – slightly down on March 2016 when it was 67%
  • Organisations are increasingly realising the benefits of training longer-serving managers. Fifteen per cent of delegates this March have been in their current role for ten years or more compared with 11% in the same month last year
  • 93% of all delegates in March 2017 felt that ‘training like this improves my performance enormously or measurably so’ compared to 94% in March 2016.

Managers are more positive about their situation at work than a year ago. The chart below shows their responses to the statement: In my opinion, things for me at work are generally better/ the same/worse than at this time last year. Over 70% of all delegates feel that things are generally better for them than in March 2016 with only 4% feeling things are worse.


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