The temperature in the training room

As one of the UK’s largest ILM-Approved Training Providers, Impellus delivers open leadership and management courses to more than 250 delegates each month. We take customer/delegate satisfaction very seriously and constantly strive to improve our service, so we ask each delegate to complete a feedback form giving their views on the venue, course content, training delivery, etc. The form also asks a few further questions about the delegate’s work situation.

The data generated from these feedback forms enables us to gauge the mood of managers and senior managers across the country and places us in an excellent position to identify any major swings.

Significant increase in managers attending leadership training year on year

We’re pleased to report that in January 2017 fears of Brexit have not thwarted managers! We’ve seen a 66% increase in the number of managers attending Impellus open leadership and management training courses year on year.  Your opinions also paint an upbeat and rosy picture of the role of a manager at the start of this year.

  • 73% of all managers attending our courses have been in their current role for three years or less – compared to 66% in January 2016. Read our recent blog on the benefits of training managers early.
  • 17% of delegates have been in their current role for ten years or more versus 8.5% in the same month last year
  • 92% of all delegates in January 2017 felt that ‘training like this improves my performance enormously or measurably so’ compared to 90% of all delegates in January 2016.

Managers are also more confident about their situation at work than a year ago. The following chart illustrates how they responded to the statement: In my opinion, things for me at work are generally better /the same / worse than at this time last year.

Impellus Management Confidence Indicator illustrating that 62% of managers feel that things are better for them at work than a year ago

Jon Dean, Managing Director of Impellus commented: ‘It is refreshing to see that organisations are increasingly realising the benefits to be gained by training managers early in their roles, as well as not excluding those from leadership training who have been in their roles for many years. Although we’ve been bombarded by Brexit fear messages in the media, it would seem that the majority of managers are not allowing themselves to be affected by this and are generally happier or equally as happy at work than a year ago.’

‘We are all aware that the next few years will be changeable, it is not yet clear how any of us will be affected by these changes. By investing in leadership and management training for their managers now, organisations are preparing themselves as much as they can to be well placed for whatever occurs the future.’