As we all inch towards and adapt to a ‘new normal’, many of the ways in which training is being booked have also changed – some are quite telling of the times and the challenges facing managers. So here’s a quick roundup of what’s happening to training in the post-lockdown world.


Open courses remain hot but with telling trends

Clearly, for some, there’s no substitute for face-to-face training and the opportunities this offers to interact and engage with other delegates away from the usual workplace – wherever that currently is. We’re still seeing demand for open courses in venues throughout the UK, albeit with a bias towards dates from Autumn onwards compared to usual booking patterns where most bookings are taken 4-6 weeks out.

But open leadership training courses can now be delivered online via Zoom too. Since lockdown began, demand for online open courses has soared and, whilst it remains to be seen if this is a trend that will continue in the long-term, it’s a good alternative for those who are not keen to be back in a training room with others.

Online qualifications are what HR Managers are booking right now

With many employees still on furlough but available for training, we’ve certainly had to adapt to the increased level of interest in obtaining online ILM qualifications.

Undertaking an ILM Award online, for example, could be a valuable use of time whilst on furlough. Without the usual distractions of a full working day, ILM Award qualifications can be completed online in a matter of weeks, delivering core management skills straight back into the workplace at a time when you may well need them most.

A valuable use of time which puts the onus on managers and delivers management and leadership skills and assessments quickly.


Physical in-house training is rethought for the ‘new normal’

We continue to receive interest in booking in-house training sessions, although these tend to be for dates later in the year, from September onwards.

As employers and workplaces adapt to the new guidelines for social distancing, risk assessments on suitably Covid-secure rooms and areas for training will become commonplace and therefore simply a 'new normal' part of organising on-site training – they needn’t themselves be a barrier to it.


Whether you’re considering leadership training for a whole team or a session of one-to-one coaching, social distancing doesn’t have to prevent this. We can work with you to tailor any of our courses in leadership and management, commercial skills or human resources, to your requirements, and can deliver in many different ways. If you’d like to find out more about booking training with us:

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