They say the devil is in the detail. Delegates are always going to notice the quality of the trainer or the relevance of the content but there are subtleties at work too. All Impellus courses are designed in certain ways to keep interest, maximise learning and allow improvements in performance.


1, Pitching those anticipation levels just right

How managers feel about their upcoming training will affect the results achieved.

Our account managers can help you to get this right at point of booking and will send out full details on the course so that delegates know what to expect and arrive in appropriately positive. On arrival our trainers give the delegates a warm welcome and put them at ease.


2, That was easy to find

Our research shows us that if the destination is difficult to find it can ruin the whole beginning of the day.

It’s important that the venue is easy to access and avoids the worst of the morning traffic. We use twenty-five venues throughout the UK, all of which have been carefully selected to ensure they are easily accessible by road and rail.


3, Getting underway

There are none of those awkward ice-breaker exercises on an Impellus management training course, we start with simple, friendly and professional introductions. We then get into the content with a high energy activity introducing the main topic. This way the delegates immediately get to know who they will be working with and can hit the ground running so that they can squeeze the most out of every minute out of the day.


4, Are you sitting comfortably?

Delegates need to feel comfortable and safe so that they are happy to share their experiences and ideas with the other members of the course. Our rooms are set up ‘cabaret style’ using round tables of no more than six delegates so that open table discussions are manageable and fun, enhancing the learning and enjoyment on the day.

Oh, and did you know that we test the chairs at all our venues before we use them to ensure your comfort?


5, Time and timings are everything

Sometimes being asked to remain in one place and concentrate on a single concept for a whole day can be a challenge. So here’s a way we combat this.

An Impellus management training day starts with a session which lasts 1hour 45minutes and we decrease the length of each of the following three sessions by fifteen minutes.

This makes each session seem to go quickly and keeps delegates energised and engaged.


6, What’s for lunch?

We know that this is an important part of the day but if it’s not delivered well it can have a negative effect. We take a break for an hour so that delegates can have a proper sit- down meal during which time they can discuss the events of the morning, network and, if necessary, check that everything is running well back at base camp. They can then get the most from the rest of the day.

Compare that to the energy-drain of poor refreshments cheaply served at the back of the same room.


7, Invite the challenge

We invite challenges in our courses. They’re important to test the robustness and validity of the content.

This is where cracks appear if the trainers are trainers. Our trainers are senior managers who became trainers. That’s a huge difference. They’ve been there, done it, taken the knocks and enjoyed the successes.

This means that delegates can be confident in using their new skills rather than being confused by models.




Of course the content is important, but these designed-in features mean that delegates are free to learn, challenge their thinking and discuss challenges with managers from other organisations. This in turn means they enjoy improving their skills and bring those skills back into the workplace and deliver your return on investment.