NGK Sparkplugs UK have today announced a leadership and management training initiative designed to develop happier and more effective teams throughout the business.


Speaking at the launch event, attended by the whole UK Management Team and Jon Dean of Impellus, Marko Wowczyna, NGK's Director of Automotive said that the company saw investment in management training as key to rising above many of the challenges faced in the sector.

'Improving the already high standard of management within the organisation helps us to build a more engaged, happy and productive business and place to work for all of our staff', said Wowczyna. He praised the company's Managers for their strong leadership and announced that the initiative should help them develop further as a management team and as a business. The company is seeking to accredit every Manager in the organisation with an Institute of Leadership and Management Award.

On the decision to choose Impellus to deliver management training, HR Manager Christine Hurley said that the open course format offered by Impellus provided flexibility, national coverage and a unique opportunity for their Managers to meet peers from other organisations and industries. Hurley also cited the fact that newly appointed Managers could enjoy the same management training in the future as a major advantage for NGK.

Commenting after the launch, Jon Dean of Impellus said, 'NGK are a worldwide leader in their marketplace who want to ensure they maintain that position through strong leadership and management. The ILM Award process will help them to bring skills directly back into their business which will provide benefits for their performance, their staff and their customers'.