We're very pleased to announce our new Commercial Skills training courses which are immediately available for booking with the 50% funding

The courses are designed for managers and executives who are looking to improve core commercial skills in important areas. The courses can be booked with the 50% funding as long as the delegate's employer is paying the balancing 50%.

There is currently considerable demand from organisations looking to ensure that their key team members are capable of operating at the highest possible level.

In conducting our own research into the requirements of hundreds of businesses, public sector organisations and charities we found that what employers are looking for are the commercial skills that enable executives to maximise the time, efforts and financial effects of their work. This sits in line with the national trend of increasing productivity and the quick returns on investment that would be available to organisations here.

Here are the commercial skills training courses now available:

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

A one-day course for executives and managers in non-financial positions for whom a grounding in financial understanding and key terminology would be commercially useful

Key Account Management

Discover methods and techniques to organise your business development and customer relationship management resources most effectively

Negotiation Skills and Techniques

A one-day course that provides managers and executives with the thinking, skills and techniques to determine and achieve best value propositions in all commercial situations

Presentation Skills 

Make and deliver well-structured, confident presentations that achieve the objectives you've set



All enquiries are being taken on 0800 619 1230 or you can contact us here. Full details will be online in the next couple of days.