Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang – developers of 54m-selling game Minecraft – suggests the intent to boost sales revenues and market share. On closer analysis, however, the move illustrates a long-term game-plan to be leader in the market of internal capabilities.

The acquisition will bring undoubted sales clout, but integrating Mojang’s 40-man team into Microsoft’s cultural fabric can enhance development potential. The vision of an ‘inclusive business environment’ (Microsoft Vision and Strategy) will incorporate Mojang’s skills into the game studio to generate new thinking, collaboration and opportunities to build competitive advantage.

Microsoft’s organisational leadership emanates from its vision to continuously integrate market expertise – this manifests itself externally through acquisition strategy. Market leadership requires continual advancement of their internal capabilities by identifying expertise in the competitive environment. Integrating this into the ‘inclusive’ culture then supports its vision of long-term success.

To remain ahead of the game Microsoft has stayed true to its vision. The real prize of acquisition is the internal investment to outplay competitors in the long-term.