LUC, a specialist environmental consultancy, has announced a major investment in its management team by enrolling them on the Impellus ILM Award programme as the company continues to deliver on its corporate strategy.


In order to continue its successful growth strategy the company understands that engaging Managers with the vision of the business will help it to foster a culture of continuous improvement.

The company’s HR Manager Helen Ash reported at the launch, ‘We were looking for a programme that would deliver structured management training courses and provide a high quality experience for our Managers’.

‘Selecting the right training is important’, continued Ash, ‘so we trialled an Impellus course first to judge everything from the learning environment to the quality of the trainers’.

LUC has offices across the UK and wants to ensure that Managers facing the challenges of growth will continue to assert their competitive edge. Impellus were able to provide open management training courses in the same geographic areas as LUC’s offices – chiefly London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Bristol –which also provided opportunities for Managers to network with peers from other sectors.

‘Networking with Managers from other sectors has the hidden benefit of showing our people that the challenges of leadership are universal and not an LUC or industry-specific issue’.

At the launch, George Squires of Impellus said, ‘We’re delighted to be able to provide such an ambitious company with the tools their Managers require to develop further. The ILM Awards will provide more competitive edge for LUC through stronger workplace practices and greater strategic awareness and understanding of its external environment.’

LUC is looking to have a fully accredited management team by the end of 2015.