There’s no doubt that the changes brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic have led to a rise in popularity of online training courses. Not only do they offer the obvious advantage of being available in our own homes, with no social distancing required, but they have also allowed those on furlough the opportunity to continue their learning and development in readiness for a return to work.

But if you’ve previously been used to face-to-face training courses, how can you adapt and make sure that you get the most from a course delivered online?

Preparation is key

It sounds obvious but make sure you have a reliable internet connection and that you’ve downloaded any required software or app in advance, and that you know where to log in at the appropriate time. With some basic technical preparation, you should be able to avoid your first foray into online learning becoming a frustrating lesson in IT.

Do you have everything to hand that you’ll need for the duration of the course – pens, paper or a workbook? Do you have something to drink? Having to hunt for things once the course has started means you could miss important parts of what’s being said.

Minimise distractions as far as possible

Do you have a dedicated, quiet space in which to do the training? Can you wear headphones to avoid being distracted? Are you comfortable?

Remember to switch off your phone and close down emails and any other tabs on your device. It’s all too easy to become temporarily distracted by notifications popping up on your screen.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that colleagues, or housemates if you happen to be at home, know what you’re doing and that you’ll be unavailable for the duration of the course – exactly as if you were physically attending it in another location.

Regular breaks to recharge

It’s important to move away from your screen during break times if you can. Take some time out so that you return to each session ready to engage again.

Of course, breaks are also the appropriate time to check emails or deal with anything urgent that needs your attention. Impellus live online training courses all have regular breaks scheduled throughout the day so that delegates have an opportunity to manage any other demands on their time.

Active participation

Interact as much as possible with the trainer and other delegates, and take the opportunity to ask questions whenever you need to. Although a live online course may be a different format to the face-to-face that you’re used to, the benefits of sharing information and experiences should be the same.

Enjoy the experience and, who knows, live online courses may become your preferred method of training in the future.


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