Within the business community it is at last becoming widely recognised that if you want higher performance from your staff you have to win over their hearts and minds.  There is a greater understanding that people give more when their attitude to work changes from “somewhere I go to earn money” to “a place where I can achieve my dreams and aspirations”.

But how do you do this?  Employee engagement can seem complicated to achieve and every office has its politics and reasons or excuses why staff engagement is low and why it may be difficult to improve it.

But if you truly believe that your company will be a better and more profitable institution if you improve employee engagement then there really isn’t any excuse for not trying.  So you have to start somewhere – right?

Start one thing today….

I love a quote found in the Great place to work: Special report 2015.  The whole report makes interesting reading for those who would like to do better in engaging their staff.  But a simple comment stands out that was made by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons CEO, Nick Stace.  He says:

“If you make staff engagement the number one organisational priority you can achieve great change. One way to do this is to listen and communicate until your ears are bleeding and your voice is broken – you can never do enough of either.”

Are your ears bleeding yet?  If not go listen to your staff some more!