Lead with impact: the benefits of leadership skills training

Are leaders born or made? That’s a debate that isn’t yet settled. But either way, it’s indisputable that leadership skills training can enhance the performance of even the most accomplished and experienced leader: there is always something more to learn.

And not only is leadership skills training essential for career progression, it’s also crucial for any organisation that wants to maintain a competitive edge and retain its most talented employees.

The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have. ~ Sheryl Sandberg

What’s the difference between a leader and a manager?

“One of the first things to be clear about is the difference between management and leadership,” says David James, Senior Leadership, Management and Commercial Skills Trainer at Impellus. “Management is all about making the best use of your people and resources to set and achieve team or departmental goals and being accountable for the results. A range of skills are required to become a good manager, but a good manager is not necessarily a leader – although they could become one with the help of leadership skills training.

“We think of managers as having subordinates, but leaders have followers. Leaders influence, motivate, inspire loyalty and generate a desire in others to want to do what you’re asking of them. They enable rather than direct.

“Leaders influence not only their followers, but the culture of the organisation as a whole, its vision, mission and values. They lead by example and have a clear and objective overview of the organisation’s long-term goals and how to create the necessary conditions to achieve them.”

What can a leader learn?

Companies often promote individuals to leadership positions because they are so good at what they do. However, their skills, knowledge and experience are second to none.

“But unfortunately, it’s often assumed that these outstanding employees, who contribute so much to the success of the organisation, will automatically make good leaders, and that’s rarely the case,” says David. “Here at Impellus, we strongly believe that with the right leadership skills training anyone who is willing to grow and learn can become an effective and inspirational leader.”

Level 3 courses and qualifications in leadership

Nurturing potential leaders within an organisation is crucial for its continuing success and growth. Investing in your people to ensure clear career progression will also encourage loyalty and minimise the risk that you will lose your most valuable team members.

Impellus provides leadership training flexibility, allowing individuals to take either standalone courses or as part of an ILM Level 3 Award or Impellus Level 3 Certificate of Learning. Delegates can select from a range of one-day courses to suit their training needs and take them at a time that suits them and the organisation.

Senior leadership skills training

Your senior leadership team is crucial to the success of your organisation.

“Our two-day courses for senior managers provide delegates with the time and space to take a step back from their day-day-to-day responsibilities, so they can reflect on key aspects of their leadership role and practice,” says David. “The focus is on enabling them to make real and immediate improvements that have a positive impact on the organisation’s culture, strategy and performance.”

Delegates can study Strategic Thinking and Decision making, Driving Organisational Focus and Efficiency and Organisational Leadership Skills.

These courses can be standalone or taken as part of an ILM Level 5 Award or the Impellus Level 5 Certificate of Learning.