Your future access to funding

We're currently undertaking a short survey which might have a significant bearing on your ability to continue to access the 50% funding which you've previously enjoyed when booking training with us.

It's a one-page survey which should take only a minute or two to complete - just 11 questions - on your thoughts about training into 2017.

>> Complete the Impellus funding survey


The results will have an impact on how we read the market ourselves as well as help us to provide knowledge back to the funding bodies across the UK. It will help to shape any funding which will be offered after the current budget expires in August next year.

Your most straight-forward assessment would be incredibly valuable, will not take too much of your valuable time and would be hugely appreciated. A copy of the findings can be sent to you in the New Year.

>> Complete the Impellus funding survey


Many thanks in advance for your help.