The original source of every argument lies in the certain knowledge that I’m right and he’s wrong.  ‘Of course I’m right, I can prove it.  And what’s more, there’s logic behind my point of view.’

Been there? Of course we all have.

The really annoying thing is though that the other person is thinking exactly the same thing.  And their opinion is backed up by logical argument too.

What we all need to be reminded of regularly is that each individual thinks and acts on what they see as right according to their values and beliefs.  An argument is caused when their values and beliefs differ from ours.

Just acknowledging this universal truth takes the sting out of an argument.  It forces you to shift from a stance of overriding them and proving them wrong, to understanding why they are thinking the way they are.

That understanding is the key to better relationships and ultimately to making better business decisions.

If you find yourself in an argument.  STOP and ask why they are taking that position.  You’ll learn something important.