One of the main areas of focus for a manager is to build the capability of their team. This means not only building the individual capability of every team member so that they can do their best work but also the collective capability of the team so that they work together effectively to get the job done.

Great teams do not just happen as if by magic. It takes time, sometimes a lot of effort, and total commitment from everyone involved.

Building a team is an ongoing organic process that you, as the manager, have to facilitate and guide. As the process unfolds, your team members will begin to trust and support one another, and share their skill sets and effort to meet your organisation’s goals more effectively.


So, as a manager, how do you build a great team that performs? Here are ten top tips:

1. Establish team goals that are clear and unambiguous and review goal progress frequently

2. Role model the behaviour that you want to see your team exhibit (AKA lead by example – note this is different from doing the things you want them to do, which is just poor delegation)

3. Ensure everyone feels empowered to fulfil their roles

4. Leverage everyone’s strengths and skill-sets and make the most of the diversity within the team

5. Make sure that all team members have a voice, that they feel listened to and are encouraged to share information fully and frankly

6. Create ground rules with the team about the behaviours you expect from each other and ensure that everyone is held accountable to these

7. Monitor individual and team performance and make adjustments where needed

8. Address conflict and disagreement collaboratively in a positive, timely manner

9. Celebrate and acknowledge team success even if it’s just a simple “thank you” or “well done”

10. Make sure there is time to have some fun along the way


Performance indicators show that effective teams will almost always outperform people working individually, particularly in high-pressure situations or when multiple skillsets are needed. So, if you’re not fully leveraging the power of your team, you, they and your organisation are missing out.


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