How can a management training company improve my financial results?

Good management and leadership training is a standard in high performing organisations across all sectors.

But how – specifically – does Impellus help businesses and other employers to deliver improved financial results?


These are the key areas where most employers will see improved return on investment (RoI) on their management and leadership training:


Management training provides improved productivity

The ONS studied just under 10,000 employers last year, scoring their management techniques out of 10 based on a number of criteria. They concluded that a shift in score of just 0.1 was associated with a 9.6% shift in productivity. (That’s 9.6% more work from your wage bill, or an ability to successfully reduce without impact it if that’s your goal). A calculator will quickly tell you what that’s worth to you.


Availability of funding for training

We’re registered training providers with the ESFA. We’re main providers of management apprenticeships and can deliver up to £60k of matched funding for all management training under the Vision 2020 initiative. Funding options.


Make your Apprenticeship Levy work

If you’re putting money into the Apprenticeship Levy and haven’t worked out how to make it pay, you’re not only wasting opportunity you’re effectively paying an unnecessary tax. Find out how to use management apprenticeships to deliver real competitive advantage. Every penny spent here is a penny otherwise lost.


Focus your Vision to reduce waste

Drift is costly. Does everyone in your organisation know and buy-in to your vision? Can they make day-to-day decisions that get you there? Are you and your leadership team clear on what it is in the first place? All our courses focus on clear thinking.


Reduce or eliminate costly people problems

Apart from wasted productivity, the unknowing manager will unwittingly allow problems which are hard to lose and can end up costing thousands of pounds. Simple things like allowing behaviours in a team can, over time, become a worker’s right.


Stop wasting time and money on awkward training schedules

By delivering consistently high-quality courses across the UK, only ever using our own trainers, we can deliver the right training for the right people in the right place at the right time. Boosting your return and minimising your challenges. All courses and levels or find all courses, dates and venues.



To find out more about how we work with you to deliver real improved financial results from your management training, call our account management team on 0800 610 1230.