It’s not far short of a year now since the world became a very different place. They have been challenging times in many ways for many of us and probably more so now than ever.

Back in Spring 2020 we had to adapt our approach to travel plans and working arrangements. Working from home became a common thing, but at least you could take a break and have a stroll in the sunshine for a much-needed boost. That proposition is not so attractive when it’s dark, cold and wet outside, leading to more widespread isolation.

So, maybe it’s time to adjust our communication habits to help provide that boost.

Think who you’ve not spoken to for a while and rather than sending them an email, pick up the phone.

Don’t just launch straight into work projects and deadlines, indulge in some friendly chat for a few minutes.

Ask how they are.

It’s good to talk – you may just find it lifts both of you and makes the day just a little bit better.


Further information: Effective Communication Skills