Young Enterprise are proactively developing the leadership skills of key Managers. By employing management training experts Impellus to enhance team performance they are really delivering on their core values.

A team of five Managers from the UK’s largest business and enterprise education charity came to an Impellus’ open training course with the objective to develop their management and, more specifically, leadership skills, which will aid more effective communication and greater motivation amongst staff.


Commenting on the style of management training YE were looking for, Head of HR and Volunteer Support Kevin Cull reported that the open course format Impellus provide delivered exactly what they were after; the blend of theory and practical examples allowing Managers to apply learning on the day to their specific requirements.

‘All five Managers described the training as quite superb, not only in terms of its organisation and trainers – both of which were first class – but also the course content which was outstanding in every respect’, commented Cull.

Cull went on to say that Impellus, who are an ILM Approved Training Centre, has helped YEs Managers develop ‘significantly more skills in which to lead their teams’, a viewpoint shared by senior Managers who attended the course in London on 10th February.

Senior Development Manager James Chappell described the practical examples of skills as ‘thought-provoking and relevant to the workplace’, while Head of Marketing and Events Julie Morrow said she came away with ‘more confidence’.


Further to Managers developing their leadership skills, Impellus spokesman George Squires praised YE for their proactive demonstration of delivering on their core principle of ‘learning by doing’.

‘The steps Young Enterprise have taken to develop its management team shows a real connection with its values of learning and applying practical skills to succeed’, said Squires.

Squires also underlined the enthusiasm expressed to bring new leadership skills back into the charity will have a more profound, long term impact on performance for YE.

‘Aligning behaviours and beliefs builds stronger relationships between Managers and their teams, thus working by organisational values has a deeper and long lasting impact on culture and performance. This not only influences a harmonious environment but motivates staff and Managers alike to realise their potential.’